santa eulalia

Santa Eulalia


Playa de Santa Eulalia

This 300 m long beach is situated in the town itself. Wind conditions and shallow waters make it very safe for bathing and for beginners at sailing, with a wide range of restaurants and entertainment.
Services: Residential area with all amenities, diving school and sailboat rental and courses, water-skiing, parasols, hammocks. The Santa EulÓria seafront walk is alongside the beach.

Cala Nova

The 250 m long beach is located in a beautiful cove with good transport links close to Es Canar and Cala Llenya, the ideal location for people who want a bit of variety. The cove is flanked by two rocky outcrops, giving it a beautiful, secluded charm.
Services: Restaurants, jet skis, toilets, hammocks, parasols.
Access: By road from Cala Llenya or Es Canar.
cala llonga

Cala Llonga

With charming scenery, this 200 m long beach is ideal for older people, those seeking a peaceful time and younger visitors looking for water sports. Situated inside a deep inlet surrounded by high hills ending in steep cliffs at the end of the cove.
Services: Residential tourist area with all amenities: Showers, parasols, hammocks, boat rental, volleyball, diving school and ferry connections.
Access: By road, towards Santa EulÓria taking the turnoff at the roundabout towards the cove. Or from Ibiza, via Jes˙s. Residential tourist zone.

Playa de S┤Argamassa

This 50 m long beach offers safe bathing and beautiful underwater scenery, as well as a wide range of water sports.
Services: Residential tourist area with all amenities. Water sports, parasailing, showers, parasols, and hammocks.
Access: Very close to Cala Pada, access is the same - following signposts on the road from Santa EulÓria to Es Canar.
niu blau

Playa des Niu Blau

This 100 m long beach is flanked by two small outcroppings covered with vegetation that reach down to the same beach. In important torrent of the S'Argentera flows into this area, lending an air of spectacular beauty to the landscape. Beach conditions mean that a large range of leisure activities and water sports are offered here.
Services: Restaurants, parasols, water sports, showers.
Access: Located between Santa EulÓria and Cala Pada, access is by road from the town centres towards Es Canar, following the signs just before you reach Cala Pada.

Cala Llenya

A typical cove extending inland to the mouth of a dry riverbed. The atmosphere is calm and boasts good sporting and recreation facilities. Perfect for sailing, free diving and taking excursions in the beautiful surrounding area.
Services: Restaurants, showers, parasols, hammocks, jet ski and boat rentals.
Access: From Sant Carles by road, following the relevant signposts.
cala boix

Cala Boix

This 100 m long cove is perfect for lovers of tranquillity and beautiful scenery, and offers a wide range of options for eating out. All this just a few minutes from Santa EulÓria.
Services: Parking, restaurants, parasols, hammocks, showers.
Access: From Sant Carles by road, following the relevant signposts. Access to the beach is by steep steps.

Playa des Figueral

This 400 m long beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, with some lovely hidden little corners and a landscape of sculptured rocks and small islets creating a variety of views. Ideal for water sports, which are amply provided for, and in an area of unparalleled beauty, a base for excursions to many local natural attractions.
Services: Residential tourist zone with full range of services. Diving school, water sports, volleyball, parasailing, jet skis, showers, hammocks, and umbrellas.
Access: From Sant Carles, taking the road leaving from the north of the town and following the signposts.
cala mastella

Cala Mastella

This 60 m long beach is made up of two inlets located in a narrow, protected cove with a beautiful marine environment. Perfect for sunbathing, free diving and safe bathing.
Services: Restaurants, hammocks, parasols.
Access: From Sant Carles, as you approach Pou des Lleó, turn off the main road and follow the signs to the beach.

Playa de Can Martina

A small inlet, part of a large coastal bay with shallow waters surrounds this 400 m long beach. Safe bathing and water sports make this area particularly attractive, with many beach sports and games.
Services: Parking, restaurants, sailing and diving school, parasailing, volleyball, hammocks, parasols.
Access: Very close to Cala Pada. Access is the same, following signposts on the paved road leaving from Santa EulÓria.
cala pada

Cala Pada

This 200 m long beach is situated in a small cove flanked by two low outcrops covered in Mediterranean flora. The wide range of activities and good transport links available make this a popular spot for a wide range of visitors, whether seeking peace and quiet with good facilities or safe water sports.
Services: Hotels, apartments, shops, restaurants, showers, parasols, hammocks, jet ski and small boat rental, parasailing and ferry connections.
Access: By road from Santa EulÓria, towards Es Canar, following the relevant signposts.

Aigua Blanca

Coastal beaches that are unbeatable for contemplating the beauty of the landscape and enjoying a serene and restful environment, with transparent waters whose reflections produce amazing colours on the sand in the depths. Nudism is practised on this 300 m long beach.
Services: Parking, toilets, sunshades, hammocks.
Access: Can be accessed from Sant Carles by following the motorway signs, and also from the Cala de Sant Vicent along a road with panoramic views, which parallels the coast from the Northeast.
playa del rio santa eulalia

Playa del Río Santa Eulalia

This 400 m long and 100 m wide beach is a popular destination for water sport lovers, it is also the destination of choice for those who just love a nice, easily accessible beach and with the excellent amenities provided by our municipality.
Services: Residential zone with all amenities, diving school, windsurf hire and courses, water-skiing, parasols, hammocks, parasailing.
Access: From streets opening onto the seafront, the beach is located opposite the river mouth.

Playa de S┤Estanyol

An ideal spot for walkers, with beautiful views on the way to the beach. The beach itself is peaceful and a popular spot for free diving. This typical cove with transparent waters, surrounded by mountains covered in Mediterranean vegetation, has great natural beauty.
Access: Difficult access via unpaved track from the road between Jes˙s and Roca Llisa. Access by foot is through undergrowth.

Calo de S┤Alga

This quite corner offers peaceful, pleasant beaches perfect for sunbathing and free diving. The seafront walk is perfect for beautiful and peaceful walks along the whole beach.
Services: Parking, apartments, restaurants, parasols, hammocks, jet skis.
Access: From the streets opening onto the seafront road, with the beach close at hand.

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