Both its climate and convenient location in the Mediterranean make the island the perfect place to practice a large amount of sports. No matter if you are more keen on water sports: waterskiing, wakeboard, sailing, diving, kayak., or if you prefer any other open air and adventure sports: hiking, climbing, mountain bike, or any other such as golf, tennis. this is the place to find them all, any time of the year and with a thousand possibilities.


Fabulous weather and long summer days are perfect for tennis enthusiasts. Many tennis courts are scattered around the island, and many hotels have their own courts for hotel guests. Ask at your hotel reception for information about courses and tournaments. Also visit Club de Campo - Ibiza's largest tennis club.


Because of the narrow country roads and the dangerous mix of drivers in summer, please be very careful when out mountain biking. Although there are bike rental shops, if you place importance on good quality equipment, it is best to bring your own bike. Most airlines will transport bikes free of charge when given appropriate notice. in some cases a small charge will be made.


As an alternative to the great variety of nautical sports available in Ibiza, the Golf Club of Ibiza is there for all those who wish to play the sport at the same time as enjoying the clean air and enviable climate of Ibiza, in which the practice of this sport can take place in both the summer and winter seasons. Throughout the year, different tournaments are held, where fans can measure their talents on the greens.

Horse riding

There are over five horsemanship schools on the island. Horse riding is a big thing here. The horse is a very well respected animal and horsemanship is an integral part of the island's history and culture.


There is rarely enough wind for planing conditions in the high season (but easily enough for beginners). In early and late summer, the South wind (Scirroco) can pick up to a good force 4 once a week, and the West wind (Mistral) sometimes comes howling in at force 6. The most popular beaches are Cala Martina, Cala Conta and Playa d'en Bossa. Of these, Cala Martina is the easiest to surf with plenty of flat and shallow water. Playa d'en bossa is all sand, but choppy when the South wind blows directly onshore. Cala Conta is for the more advanced surfer, and is trickier to get in and out. A shorty will be enough in the high season months of July, August and September (also gives good protection from the sun). For earlier and later months, as well as winter, think about taking a longer wetsuit, especially for the legs.


Warm, clear waters and over 200 kilometres of spectacular coastline make Ibiza a popular resort for both amateur and professional divers, almost the whole year round. There are many excellent and qualified diving schools located around the island offering courses from Beginner up to Advanced. Dive locations include cave dives and wreck dives. The water is particularly clear around Ibiza.